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2013 Script Writing Contest

During the summer of 2012 Adventures in Odyssey kicked off its 25th anniversary celebration. As part of this celebration, the Odyssey team offered a special opportunity: the chance to have your script become an Odyssey episode! The winner received a $1,000 college scholarship and the chance for their script to be made into an Odyssey episode! The contest is now closed and a winner has been announced.

Contest Winner

Angela Phillips
Prior Lake, Minnesota
Script title: “A Jay in the Life”

Legal Requirements for Submission

For complete legal rules and requirements, read the Writer’s Scholarship Contest Full Rules.

Contest Dates

The next offering of this contest is schedule to launch summer of 2013. Check back to this page or our facebook page towards the end of the April for complete details.

Judging Considerations

  1. Creativity: an exciting and entertaining story for 8-12 year olds.
  2. Originality: the story includes unanticipated developments that are not cliché.
  3. Use of Characters: characters sound true to their nature.
  4. Story Structure: the story has a compelling beginning, interesting middle, and satisfying conclusion.
  5. Lesson: the story illustrates a moral theme that is relevant to 8-12 year olds.

Script Guidelines *Updated Guidelines to come for 2013 contest*

  1. Characters: Only current characters should be used. That list of characters can include: Whit, Connie, Eugene, Katrina, Wooton, the Parker Family, The Jones Family, Jay Smouse, Penny Wise, Red Hollard, Valerie, Mrs. Kramer, Vance, Grandma Lucia, Wally Haggler, Priscilla, Ms. Adelaide, Coach Fang, Nelson, Detective Polehause, Mayor Spencer Hicks, Harlow Doyle. Other characters can be used as needed (e.g. girl in park, kid at school, lunch lady, etc.).
  2. Location: The show should take place in the present day town of Odyssey (no historical, Biblical, Imagination Station, etc. shows).
  3. Length: The show should be 27-30 pages long.
  4. Formatting: The font style should be Courier. The font size should be 12 point. The file format must be Microsoft Word, PDF, or Final Draft.



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