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Adventures in Odyssey: Who’s Who

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The world of Adventures in Odyssey is populated by interesting, endearing characters who have captured the imagines of listeners, young and old, all over the world. Here are of the fans’ favorite residents from that small town called Odyssey.

WhitJohn Avery Whittaker
“Whit” is an inventor, author, entrepreneur and owner of Whit’s End—an ice cream shop and “discovery emporium” where kids can be kids. His wise counsel, inventiveness and insight have made him a trusted friend and confidant to everyone in Odyssey.

EugeneEugene Meltsner
Eugene is Whit’s dependable, eccentric genius of an assistant. Whether he’s working at Whit’s End, teaching at Campbell College, or developing another big invention, Eugene knows everything about everything (or thinks he does).

ConnieConnie Kendall
Connie has worked at Whit’s End since she moved to Odyssey. She is spontaneous and never inclined to hold back what she’s thinking, but she has a strong heart for discipleship—especially toward the kids at Whit’s End.

WootonWooton Bassett
There’s no one quite like Wooton. When he’s not delivering mail, creating new comic-book characters, or looking for new ice-cream flavors, Wooton is helping the kids in some very unique ways.

MatthewMatthew Parker
Matthew is an inquisitive 10 year old who loves to tinker with things—often to the consternation of everyone around him. But when he isn’t breaking and rebuilding stuff, he’s helping Emily Jones solve mysteries around town.

JasonJason Whittaker
Jason is Whit’s youngest son—and in many ways, he is a “chip off the old block.” Most of Jason’s life was spent as an “analyst” and operative (in other words, secret agent) for the National Security Agency, just like his dad. And Jason also inherited his father’s love for inventions and tinkering with gadgets—especially the high-tech kinds. But while Jason possesses Whit’s sense of adventure, he does not possess Whit’s patience and wisdom, which results in Jason’s often reckless, impetuous nature. He is a “man of action” who sometimes leaps before he looks.

PennyPenny Wise
Penny became friends with Connie through an art class and is now her roommate, even though she occasionally drives her crazy. Penny is a Christian, but she’s immature in matters of faith and is easily taken in by deception.

Chris, AIO Host
Chris has hosted Adventures in Odyssey for 25 years and has appeared in every episode (except one!). She stops by at the end of each episode to wrap up the theme and offer sound wisdom and Biblical counsel.

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