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Devotional: Grandma’s Visit

Monday, July 26th, 2010

After you’ve heard “Grandma’s Visit,” check out this devotional thought. (If you haven’t heard the episode, check out the Media Player. You can also find a station in your area.)



By Catherine Wilson

In “Grandma’s Visit,” when the Parker family got to know their strange relatives, it sounded a little too familiar to me. I took some unusual vacations when I was a kid. While other kids were going to Disney World or to a cabin on a lake, I was going to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house. When I got there, the table was always set with raw hamburger, cabbage boiled in lemon juice, hummus, spinach turnovers, and mashed garbanzo beans. These are the kinds of foods that my grandparents ate on a regular basis! After watching all the adults eat this strange dinner and eating all the plain rice that I could stand, it was time for me to do the dishes. Who would call this a vacation?

My grandpa has since died and my grandma can’t cook by herself anymore. And guess what? I really miss those big meals at Grandma and Grandpa’s. At the time, I spent way too long complaining to myself about the weird food. Now I look back and miss the good conversations, and the fun games that I played with my cousins.

You’ll never guess how I connect with my Grandma now. I’ve decided that I really like all that “weird food” now (well, except for raw hamburger). When I go see my Grandma I ask her to help me make stuffed cabbage, hummus, and spinach turn-overs. I never would have thought of those “weird foods” as something I would like, not to mention make it for myself and my friends!

I’ve realized that I love my family, especially the “weird” stuff. That’s really what makes them unique and special. Just like the Parkers, it took me a while to realize how cool my weird family was.

Do you have any unusual family traditions? What does your family do to stay connected? Let us know in the comments below.


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