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Story Ideas for Covering Adventures in Odyssey’s 25th Anniversary

Contact: Carrie Kintz
[email protected]

Want a fresh perspective for your AIO story? Here are some story ideas for you to consider…

  • Whit’s Fans, 25 Years Later: For 25 years, Adventures in Odyssey has been capturing hearts across the world. Many of the children who once enjoyed the radio series are passing on the tradition to their own kids. Learn some of the heart-warming stories of the impact the series has had on its devoted fans throughout the years.
  • Teach Biblical and Moral Lessons:  Odyssey dramas are exciting and fun for kids of all ages. But did you know that each episode also teaches important moral and biblical principles, such as forgiveness, honesty, responsibility and faith? Learn how AIO can be both fun and educational for families and how families can use AIO as a resource to instill values into their children.
  • Visit Whit’s End: Did you know Odyssey fans can visit Whit’s End Soda Shoppe – a turn-of-the-century soda fountain straight from the series? In addition to enjoying Whit’s End’s delicious Wod-Fam-Choc-Sod (World Famous Chocolate Soda), visitors can enjoy an award-winning indoor play area dedicated to AIO and featuring  A-Bend-A-Go, a three-story corkscrew slide; a recording studio where kids can perform their own AIO episode; and the wardrobe from C.S. Lewis’ classic series in the Narnia Adventure Room.
  • Making Dreams Come True: Throughout the years, Focus on the Family has partnered with organizations like Make-A-Wish, Dreams Come True, Magic Moments, Indian Summer Cancer Camps and St. Jude’s Hospital to help children diagnosed with terminal illnesses and disabilities visit the Adventures in Odyssey indoor play area with their families. Hear the moving and inspiring stories of these brave children and how the AIO team helped fulfill their dreams.
  • Get in the Show: Focus on the Family is hosting Get in the Show, a nationwide contest for children ages 6-15, where the winner will play a part on Adventures in Odyssey Volume #58 and be a spokesperson for Odyssey throughout 2013. Finalists will be flown to Colorado Springs, Colo. to audition live before a global Web audience. Schedule an interview to let your audience know how they can participate.

Get in the Show Contest

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