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Adventures in Odyssey has been changing lives for a quarter century. Focus on the Family has received countless letters, emails, and phone calls from grateful listeners. We’ve heard over and over again about the impact of shows involving themes of evangelism, compassion, forgiveness, and Christian discipleship.

Here is a small sampling of the feedback we’ve received.

“On October 9, 2006, when you played the Odyssey show where Eugene got saved, later that night I asked Jesus into my heart! Thank you for playing that show and all the other shows.”  — Logan, 8 years old

 “Eight years ago, my daughter who’s now 15 had her first bout with cancer and had to undergo radiation. It was AIO that got her through. The cancer was in her cheek. A mesh mask was made which was fastened to the table where she would lay to receive radiation. It broke my heart to see her bolted to the table. As soon as the door shut the technician would start an episode of AIO. Listening to it she was able to concentrate on that and not the big machine circling her head.” — Lisa

“We are a military family and when we move we are not always able to get AIO on the radio so we started buying the CDs. We have actually worn out several sets of CDs from constant play and we’ve gone through 3 CD players in the last 5 years. The best part of it all is they are learning and applying the lessons to their lives. — Heather (mom of five boys)

“Almost every night, our little prodigal was continuing his habit. Stoned or sober he listened to Odyssey tapes. The truth of God’s Word that he was running from with all his might was constantly going through his mind. Now he gives testimony of waking up in the middle of the night and hearing God’s gentle voice. No wonder, he went to sleep listening to His Truth.”  — Pam

“I grew up listening to the shows and wanted to let you know how valuable a treasure it has been to me. I really feel that you spiritually raised me, with all the values expressed in the episodes. What great discipleship this is for youth and even adults. I find it enjoyable at 31 as much as I did at age 7.” — Trisha

“When I accepted God in my heart I was listening to Adventures in Odyssey in my basement. Adventures in Odyssey was a big part of my decision to be baptized.” – Jan, quoting her 8-year-old daughter’s testimony prior to her church baptism.

Thank you so much for producing the BEST RADIO DRAMA in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!! I am very, very much anticipating the release of album 51 in September (or whenever it’s coming out). I am one of show’s biggest fans (fanwise, not size wise). Once again, thanks!’ — Ryan, 9 years old

“I didn’t start listening to Odyssey until the early 90s. I’m now 28 and I love Odyssey even more now. Since my main sense is hearing, I can appreciate the program even more that I’m totally blind. Thanks again for a wonderful program.” — Carmen

“We are a military family who just moved to Tampa, Florida. We know no one! We left behind amazing friends and our church; my 8-year-old son really grieved as he say good bye to it all. But God has given us a ‘family’ in you all. As we listen to Adventures in Odyssey we become a part of a community and we forget our little world for a bit. The values, lessons and laughter we experience are such a gift. To AIO, we thank you.” — Esther

“I just realized a couple of days ago that I’ve been listening to Odyssey since I was 5 (I’m 13 now) and I haven’t written to you in ALL that time. Whoops! I just wanted to let you and everyone else at Odyssey know that my sister and I LOVE it. I enjoy telling my friends and family about AIO and I do it a lot.” — Samantha

“When I began college I was in a new world and very nervous. I remember carefully sliding my AIO CDs into my desk drawer where no one would see. For me AIO was a reminder of home and a reminder of Jesus. I spent countless nights with my headphones listening to AIO, I could go on and on, but I want to make clear that in the midst of college temptations and struggles, I knew Jesus was there and your program always reminded me of that.” — Joseph, Sector Miami Homeland Security Officer, U.S. Coast Guard

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