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A Tale of Two Anns: Ann Ault talks about her character Ann Jacobs

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

Ann Ault

Ann Ault

From creating a wacky movie named The Green Slime in Japan, to playing Robyn and Melanie’s mother on Adventures in Odyssey, to voicing car parts in North Carolina, Ann Ault tells us about her journey of faith.

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The first John Avery Whittaker Award Winner shares his story and performs a few puppet voices

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Eldon Babcock, The first John Avery Whittaker Award winner

Eldon Babcock, The first John Avery Whittaker Award winner

Months ago, Joleen Steel nominated her father Eldon Babcock for the John Avery Whittaker Award. In November, he was chosen as the grand prize winner. Hear from Joleen how her father is like Whit and hear stories (and voices!) from Eldon himself.

Album 60: Head Over Heels continues in the Odyssey Adventure Club. Episode 5 (Between the Lines, Part 1) is available today. The final episode premieres next Wednesday. AIO60_HeadOverHeels_without_violator_RGB
Do you sing? Juggle? Stand on your head? The sky’s the limit to what your special skill might be—and 30 seconds is the limit to how much time you have to share it with us on camera. Submit your video by January 17 and you could appear in an upcoming Odyssey Adventure Club video! Find out more. oac-logo
Candid Conversations with Connie, Vol.3: A Girl’s Guide to Entertainment, Body Image, and Social Media is now available! Find out more about the book now.

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