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Enter the Good Goers Picture of the Week Contest!

Friday, May 31st, 2013


We want to show everyone your hard work and service this summer! Send a picture of you, your family or group serving. Make sure to tell us where you are located and how you are serving. We’ll choose a picture every week to show on the Adventures In Odyssey Facebook page. Submit your picture today at [email protected].

See the Official Rules here.

NEW VIDEO WEBCAST: Chris Anthony and Katie Leigh talk about service for the A.C.T.S. contest

Friday, May 24th, 2013

ACTS_logo_Revised_3See highlights of the recent Odyssey live webcast, including interviews with Katie Leigh and Chris Anthony, a tip from Get in the Show winner Shona, the revelation of the grand prize destination, and a never-before-seen surprise!

Podcast Links:

Social Shout Out: The ACTS Edition!

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Alan Young (voice of Jack Allen) talks Odyssey, Mr. Ed, and Scrooge McDuck

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Executive Producer Dave Arnold (left) with actor Alan Young

Executive Producer Dave Arnold (left) with actor Alan Young

Alan Young became the voice of Jack in 1994. Since then, Jack has married Joanne Allen and become the owner of J & J Antiques. He recently appeared in “Home Again” in album 56.

Podcast Links:

Tune in for the May 22 webcast!

Learn more about A.C.T.S. (including the destination for the grand prize) and hear from Katie Leigh and Chris Anthony live! The webcast is May 22 at:

  • 5:30 pm Eastern
  • 4:30 pm Central
  • 3:30 pm Mountain
  • 2:30 pm Pacific

If you have questions for Katie Leigh and Chris Anthony, post them here!

Download this episode to your computer.

Some Comments on Comments

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

To our wonderful Adventures in Odyssey fans and commenters,

Thank you for spending time with us at the Adventures in Odyssey Podcast and Blog! We appreciate your time and your devotion to the blog and to Adventures in Odyssey.

From time to time, we like to remind our posters to check out the Posting Guidelines page. Lately, some of our posters have been wondering about how we moderate the blog. Here is some more information that may be helpful as you post…

The main purpose of this blog is for fans to give their thoughts on the podcast and on Adventures in Odyssey. We don’t mind some off-topic comments (such as talking about pets, hobbits, or prayer requests), but we do want to keep the discussion primarily about Adventures in Odyssey.

Since this is a commenting page and not a message board, some posts don’t really have a place here. These include:

1. Lengthy fictional stories. Though we are sure that they are creative, it’s hard to read stories this long on the blog and there are better places online to post them.

2. Reviews of movies. Some of our posters and their parents would rather decide for themselves which movies to watch. Most comments mentioning movies are fine, but detailed reviews are not.

3. Clubs. Since we don’t have a way to send messages to those who post, any kind of a club would be hard to maintain on the blog.

Thank you again for posting and for being loyal to Adventures in Odyssey!

The Blog Moderation Team


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