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Adventures in Odyssey goes to space and travels 5.7 million miles!

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Adventures in Odyssey in space with astronaut Terry Virts

Adventures in Odyssey in space with astronaut Terry Virts

Bob and Jesse interview astronaut Terry Virts who took Adventures in Odyssey into space with him last year.

Want to give us a story about Adventures in Odyssey or review a recent episode? Call our new Adventures in Odyssey Comment Line at 855-784-WHIT. (Always make sure that you have your parent’s permission before you call!)
UPDATE: We gave the wrong phone number in the podcast. Please see above for the corrected number. Sorry for the confusion!

Read the full story about Terry Virts in Clubhouse Magazine!

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Clubhouse - January 2011

Clubhouse - January 2011

The Adventures in Odyssey poster created for astronaut Terry Virts

The Adventures in Odyssey poster created for astronaut Terry Virts


Go on tour with McAlister Park!

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

An Adventures in Odyssey fan podcast — The Ceiling Fan — has launched their third season…a tour by fictional band McAlister Park!

Set in satirical attire to the popular radio drama series Adventures in Odyssey, The Ceiling Fan takes listeners through a more humorous side of the town’s settings, characters, and plotlines of Odyssey. Hosted by fictional characters Ethan Daniels and Phil Jinkus, the show seeks to entertain listeners, all done through dramatic stories and fast-paced segments.

Visit The Ceiling Fan Homepage or check out Season 3.

Note: The Ceiling Fan is an Adventures in Odyssey fan podcast and is not associated with Focus on the Family.

Hear the results of the second Avery Awards, for Album 52: Cause and Effect!

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

The Avery Awards: Cause and Effect

Bob and Jesse host the Avery Awards, including awards for Best Sound Design, Best Script, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Episode! Plus, a few special surprise visitors. Thank you to everyone who voted!

Check out more results at the Odyssey Scoop.

Need a reminder of the episodes that aired this season? Check out album 52: Cause and Effect.

Download this episode to your computer.

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