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FREE Episode: “Passages: Fletcher’s Rebellion, Part 1” plus an interview with sound designer Rob Jorgensen (and special surprise!)

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Rob Jorgensen

Rob Jorgensen

Hear the first part of the epic story “Passages: Fletcher’s Rebellion,” plus hear an interview with Rob Jorgensen, sound designer for the program, on his first production.

To access the special surprise, click here and enter the last word spoken on today’s podcast.

Download this episode to your computer.

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August 22: The Chosen One, Part 1 – Secret Word #10

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Congratulations on entering this week’s secret word! Now, enjoy your prize: an unreleased Adventures in Odyssey episode named Addictions Can Be Habit-Forming.

This was the one of the early episodes before the program changed its name to Adventures in Odyssey. The episode has not been heard on the air since 1988 and has never been released in an album. So, why is it unreleased? The episode is often thought of as one of the weakest Odyssey episodes. However, it’s an interesting curiosity to hear this unusual episode. What do you think? After you listen to this show, tell us what you think in the comments below.

By the way, if you’ve been keeping track of the secret words each week, be sure to come back next week. Why? Well…uh…let’s wait until next week….

The Ultimate Passages Fan Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

So you think you’re the biggest Passages fan? Well, here’s your chance to prove it and win a fabulous prize!

How do I enter?

  1. Answer each of the 5 questions posted on The Odyssey Scoop, AIO Wiki, and The Unofficial Podcast. You must answer at least 10 of the 15 questions correctly in order to move on with the contest. It may be wise to answer all 15 questions.
  2. Next, come up with your very own Passages episode! Of course, we don’t expect a full novel. Simply write a 300-500 word plot summary of a hypothetical story involving Marus. You may use characters from the existing books or you may come up with your own characters. Plot summaries will be judged by their creativity, originality, and Biblical integration. Please pay attention to correct grammar usage, though we will make grammatical corrections before publishing the winners’ entries.
  3. Submit your answers and plot summary by visiting The Ultimate Passages Fan Scavenger Hunt Submission Page.

When is the deadline?

You have until August 31st at 11:59 pm eastern time to complete the contest. Winners will be announced Saturday, September 5 at The Odyssey Scoop.

What if I have never read Darien’s Rise from the Passages series?

There’s no need! This contest was created for anyone to enter, regardless of having read the books or not. Don’t tell anyone, but you may want to start at the Passages Website for clues.

What do I win?

Passages: Darien's Rise

Passages: Darien's Rise

The participant who answers at least ten questions correctly and offers what we deem to be the best plot summary will win a free copy of the upcoming radio adaptation of Darien’s Rise. We will also choose four runner ups, all of whom will win a poster of the cover artwork signed by the crew! All of these fabulous prizes are compliments of Focus on the Family and the creators of Adventures in Odyssey!

Let’s Get Started

Visit The Odyssey Scoop, AIO Wiki, and The Unofficial Podcast to begin!

John Avery Whittaker: A podcast devoted to the voice of an inventor, teacher, and trusted mentor

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Hal Smith

Hal Smith

Learn the history of the voice of John Avery Whittaker, from Hal Smith to Paul Herlinger and beyond to the future.

Paul Herlinger

Paul Herlinger

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