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Journey into the ‘Adventures in Odyssey’ Writers’ Room!

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Presenting all sorts of random secrets from Adventures in Odyssey: Novacom Saga! Writers Kathy Buchanan, John Fornof, Paul McCusker and Marshal Younger share about mapping out the Novacom conspiracy, Jared’s exit from Odyssey, and more with plenty of wacky rabbit trails along the way! To get in on the act, sound designers Rob Jorgensen and Bob Luttrell reveal a few embarrassing incidents that got them the perfect sounds to create dramatic scenes.

Producer Q & A: Will there be any more ‘Passages’ audio dramas? When will new episodes premiere?

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009



You’ve got questions, they’ve got answers! During this Q and A with executive producer Dave Arnold and writer/director Paul McCusker, find out when new ‘Passages’ audio dramas will be releasing, whether any new adventures with the Washington family are in the works, what the live show DVD will look like, and more replies to what you wonder about ‘Adventures in Odyssey’.

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Podcast Links

  • Hear “Malachi’s Message, Parts 1-3” on Hidden Treasures (Volume 32) along with 8 other exciting adventures.
  • While you’re waiting for new Passages audio dramas—coming in Fall 2009—read the first book in the series, Darien’s Rise.
  • Pre-order Adventures in Odyssey Live! (CD + DVD set) now, and you’ll be one of the first to get this set when it releases in May 2009.

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