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A new “Candid Conversation with Connie” – plus more from the voice of Whit

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

Adventures in Odyssey actors Katie Leigh (“Connie”) and Mark Christopher Lawrence (“Ed Washington”) talk together, plus we hear more insights from Paul Herlinger.

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The voice of Whit, Paul Herlinger, tells about his early days in acting.

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

Paul Herlinger takes us back to his early days in TV and radio. Plus, author Paul McCusker reveals why fans won’t want to miss the Adventures in Odyssey Novels.

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  • Read four original stories of fun, intrigue and friendship in Strange Journey Back — 4 books-in-1!
  • How was Paul Herlinger chosen as Whit? Hear his audition in the 4-CD set A Place of Wonder.
  • The Search for Whit, with over 4 hours of entertainment, includes Paul Herlinger’s first episode as Whit.

Producer Q & A: Why did Katrina change? And can Whit dance?

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

Fan questions are answered by Producer Marshal Younger and Executive Producer Dave Arnold, including details on why kids leave Odyssey, how old Mr. Whittaker is, and if the website’s “WonderWorld” section will be back up.

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  • Whit was in World War II? Hear the adventures yourself in the 4-CD set Mission: Accomplished.
  • This summer on the daily radio show, Whit left Odyssey. Wish You Were Here! contains these emotional stories.
  • The new voice for Katrina (Shanks) Meltsner was introduced in Eugene Returns!.

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