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Happy 30th Birthday, Adventures in Odyssey! Hop in the Imagination Station and travel 30 years back to the recording of the first episode: “Whit’s Flop”

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Bob Luttrell and Chris Anthony in the early days

Bob Luttrell and Chris Anthony in the early days

“Whit’s Flop” first aired November 21, 1987. Sound designer Bob Luttrell and host Chris Anthony were there on that special day. Hear their memories of recording the very first episode.


Got Questions about Album 62…or anything Odyssey?
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Hear Whit’s Flop as it aired November 21, 1987
When Whit’s Flop first aired, it was called “Odyssey USA.” This version of the show hasn’t been heard in 30 years…until now. For a limited time, listen to “Whit’s Flop” just as it aired thirty years ago!

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VIDEO PODCAST: Creating the zombies, trains, and fight scenes of “The Ties that Bind.” Plus: The actors share about family

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

First, the sound designers share about the unique challenges of “The Ties that Bind” that included a crowd of zombies, a train wreck, and people getting beat up. Then, a new contest where you can win Album 58 and an Odyssey T-shirt. And finally, the actors answer the question, “What does family mean to you?”

Hear Album 58: The Ties that Bind

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Farewell to our friend Dave Madden, voice of Bernard Walton

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Dave Madden in 2005.

Dave Madden in 2005.

The Adventures in Odyssey team, from actors to directors to sound designers remember our favorite curmudgeon Dave Madden. Guests include: Jonathan Crowe, Paul McCusker, Dave Arnold, Phil Lollar, Chris McDonald, Nathan Hoobler, Chris Anthony, Marshal Younger, Andre Stojka, John Fornof, and Bob Luttrell.

Hear Dave Madden’s 12 Axioms for Success in Show Business (If That’s Really What You Want) as read by Phil Lollar:

Download this episode to your computer.

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NEW VIDEO WEBCAST: Chris Anthony and Katie Leigh talk about service for the A.C.T.S. contest

Friday, May 24th, 2013

ACTS_logo_Revised_3See highlights of the recent Odyssey live webcast, including interviews with Katie Leigh and Chris Anthony, a tip from Get in the Show winner Shona, the revelation of the grand prize destination, and a never-before-seen surprise!

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NEW VIDEO PODCAST! The A.C.T.S. contest launches. This your chance to win big!

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

ACTS_logo_Revised_3Bob and Jesse reveal A.C.T.S.! This summer, you’re invited to be part of something BIG! Adventures In Odyssey presents A.C.T.S.! – A Call To Serve. Join thousands of kids across the country making a commitment to serve your family, your community and even your world!

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Watch the live webcast May 22 at 5:30 pm Eastern / 2:30 Pacific. We’ll be hearing more about A.C.T.S. and chatting live with Katie Leigh and Chris Anthony. Submit your questions for Katie and Chris below!




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