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Katie Leigh and Will Ryan (voices of Connie and Eugene) banter on-mic and off-mic

June 23rd, 2015

Will and Katie’s new book features a photo taken in 1983, before Adventures in Odyssey began. Do they look like Connie and Eugene?

Katie Leigh has played Connie Kendall since AIO episode #4 in 1987. Will Ryan has played Eugene Meltsner since 1988. But they’ve never appeared together on an Adventures in Odyssey podcast. It’s time to change that as the two of them share how they met, the truth behind their banter in the studio, and what they’ve been up to recently.

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A drawing that Will Ryan did for Townsend Coleman's morning radio show in Cleveland in 1977, many years before either of them appeared on Adventures in Odyssey.

A drawing that Will Ryan did for Townsend Coleman’s morning radio show in Cleveland in 1977, many years before either of them appeared on Adventures in Odyssey.

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June 20th, 2015

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The actors behind Whit and Jason talk about their adventures as father and son

June 10th, 2015

To the Ends of the EarthAndre Stojka (voice of Whit) and Townsend Coleman (voice of Jason) talk about recording an adventure set in the region of Papua in the Odyssey Adventure Club episode “To the Ends of the Earth.”

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Solve the cases with the authors of the Jones and Parker Mysteries

May 27th, 2015

Authors Christopher Maselli and Bob Hoose create the Jones and Parker Mysteries for Clubhouse every month and now their mysteries are collected in a book: The Jones and Parker Case Files.

Solve Some Mysteries!

The Fluffy Caper

Read “The Fluffy Caper,” one of 16 Jones and Parker Mysteries in the new book!

April Showers

Read “April Showers,”a mystery in Clubhouse Magazine from April 2005

Mystery Squad

Read the first “Mystery Squad,”a feature in Clubhouse Magazine that began in January 2007

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  • Buy Jones and Parker Case Files and solve all 16 mysteries: Softcover | eBook

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FREE EPISODE: “First Things First” (plus interview with writer/director Paul McCusker)

May 13th, 2015

Album 59 coverIn the first episode of Album 59: Taking the Plunge, Penny considers Wooton’s proposal by asking what it means to be married while he deals with a setback in re-building his house.

Album 59: Taking the Plunge

Wooton’s unexpected marriage proposal to Penny triggers a lot of soul searching around Odyssey. Penny wants to know what it means to be committed to someone for the rest of her life. Connie can’t be sure how their relationship as friends will change. Meanwhile, Wooton is looking into rebuilding his house, but runs into conflict with the neighbors. Eugene uses his computer talents to help the Odyssey Police solve a mystery at the bank. And Buck becomes entangled with Vance’s gang in a way that looks like trouble. Where will it all lead? Join the folks in Odyssey as they take the plunge to learn about commitment, discernment, expectations, resolving conflict, family legacies and more.

Hear the whole story in the Odyssey Adventure Club

Find out more about the Odyssey Adventure Club!Join the Odyssey Adventure Club today to hear “Taking the Plunge” all summer long. The first month’s membership is only $1 for the month of May!

  • May 8 – First Things First
  • May 15 – Playing the Predictable
  • May 22 – A Big Commitment
  • May 29 – Dinner Roll Models
  • June 5 – Out of the Woods
  • June 12 – Let’s Get Together

Listen to Album 59 this fall.

“Taking the Plunge” starts airing on the radio and online on September 26, 2015. Digital downloads will be available in July and the CD will release in August.

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