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Focus on the Family Clubhouse® Magazine – Special Offer!

September 2012 Cover – Featuring Wooton!

Special Clubhouse Magazine Offer!

In celebration of Adventures in Odyssey’s birthday year, Clubhouse magazine is offering a 1-year subscription at 50% off the news-stand price. Clubhouse is packed full of Odyssey content including ‘Wooton’s Random Ramblings’, ‘Conversations with Connie’, and ‘Jones/Parker Mysteries’.

Additionally, this November Clubhouse is going to feature the official Adventures in Odyssey 25th Birthday issue. The November issue will feature all of the Odyssey articles plus interviews with the actors, 18 full-color Odyssey character trading cards, and much more! Make sure to sign up in time to receive this special 25th birthday issue.

Clubhouse Subscription Link

Every issue of Focus on the Family Clubhouse includes:

  1. A Solve It Yourself mystery with Emily Jones and Matthew Parker.
  2. Another edition of Wooton’s Random Ramblings
  3. Odyssey puzzles, including Eugene’s Sudoku
  4. Plus: Adventures in Odyssey posters throughout the year!

Clubhouse also brings you exciting fiction, fun animal facts, silly jokes and stories to help you grow closer to God every month.

Check out their website’s Odyssey content here. 

Solve the first mystery for yourself by clicking on the pages below!

Clubhouse Mystery - Page 1

Clubhouse Mystery – Page 1 – Click to read!


Clubhouse Mystery - Page 2

Clubhouse Mystery – Page 2 – Click to read!


Clubhouse Mystery - Solution

Clubhouse Mystery – Solution – Click to read!



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