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NEW VIDEO PODCAST: Watch a 1989 Adventures in Odyssey Slideshow, plus a fan-created Communicate rap music video

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

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Bob and Jesse venture into the Odyssey Vault to unearth a slideshow created in 1989 about Adventures in Odyssey. They also watch a fan-created music video of the Communicate rap from “Lights Out at Whit’s End.”

  • Learn more about the Ceiling Fan Podcast.
  • Purchase the debut album of M’Kalister Park, an Adventures in Odyssey tribute band featured in The Ceiling Fan. (iTunes link)
      Note: The Ceiling Fan Podcast is a fan website and not affiliated with Focus on the Family.

      Be sure to tune in October 1 for the season premiere of “Clanging Cymbals… and the Meaning of God’s Love.”

FREE EPISODE: “Someone to Watch Over Me,” plus interview with Odyssey co-creator Phil Lollar

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

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Other Times, Other Places

In this Odyssey classic, Jimmy Barclay goes on his most incredible adventure ever when meets a gentleman named Mr. Nagle on a World War II bomber. After the show, be sure to listen as Odyssey co-creator Phil Lollar talks about the early days of the show and the story behind Jimmy’s greatest adventure.



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