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Set sail with Vikings in the Imagination Station books, plus hear a preview of “Stage Fright”

October 20th, 2010

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Marianne Hering

Marianne Hering

Author Marianne Hering talks about the Imagination Station books and shares stories from editing the Official Guide. Hear Bob and Jesse share previews of this weekend’s show “Stage Fright” and a special online feature called a Clickbook.

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132 Comments on “Set sail with Vikings in the Imagination Station books, plus hear a preview of “Stage Fright””

  • JAred on October 20th, 2010 - 11:57am


    It definatly wasn’t as exciting as some other podcasts. Especially since I have album 52 and the imagination station books are for smaller kids. But it was still good and I’m interested in seeing what those other books will be about.

  • LAURA on October 20th, 2010 - 12:38pm


    I love the Official Odyssey guide! It has a lot of fun information. It has good stories too :)Thanks Odyssey!!!

  • superman on October 20th, 2010 - 1:13pm


    I love it!!! I can’t wait till these Imadgination Station books get relesed.:) PS- I’m the first coment

  • e.c.l. on October 20th, 2010 - 7:13pm


    this is awsome!

  • odyssey fan on October 20th, 2010 - 7:14pm


    that wasn’t the most exiting podcast but i want to listen to Stage Fright and i do like Emily’s mysteries. thanks guys.:)

  • Lisa on October 20th, 2010 - 11:08pm


    Love it!

  • mb on October 21st, 2010 - 4:59am


    I really need to check the books out! Hey Jesse, I love your cliches!!!

  • josh on October 21st, 2010 - 7:42am


    I love the Official guide, i look throw it alot.
    thanks for helping edit it Marianne Hering!
    (can’t wait to here stage fright, sounds exiting)!

  • Elaine on October 21st, 2010 - 8:18am


    i don’t like the newer odyssey as much as the others.there more for little kids.

  • Allen on October 21st, 2010 - 9:53am


    The Official Guide has a lot of information, although you should include some of the things from the first guide for the next edition.

  • superman on October 21st, 2010 - 12:25pm


    Ok, so maby I’m not the first coment, but can we pretend.

  • superman on October 21st, 2010 - 12:30pm


    Hey Jared, the Imadgination Station books are not for little kids

  • Odysseyfan#1 on October 21st, 2010 - 1:02pm



  • Odysseyfan#1 on October 21st, 2010 - 1:02pm


    I probably won’t get the books… They look kind of boring… but i don’t look books, period. 🙂

  • Elissa on October 21st, 2010 - 1:26pm


    It will not let me listen to Stage Fright.

  • Anonymous on October 21st, 2010 - 3:00pm


    looks interesting.

  • Legofreak52 on October 21st, 2010 - 4:12pm


    We own the Offical Guide and it’s awesome!

  • josh S on October 21st, 2010 - 4:15pm


    how can i download the episodes????

  • Odysseyfan#1 on October 22nd, 2010 - 9:43am


    Oops… I mean in my last post “like books”, not “look books” 🙂

  • Odysseyfan#1 on October 22nd, 2010 - 9:44am


    Don’t worry everyone, Stage fright is much better than game for a mystery!

  • Priscilla on October 22nd, 2010 - 10:35am


    Elaine are you kidding? My sister got creeped out when she listened to the mystery of the clock tower. I think that some of the adventures have gone up for older kids to listen too. I like all of the mysteries.By the way, I don’t know if I will read the books, I agree with Jared, I read teh clickbook in like five minutes, usually I like Odyssey books, but these books seem a little on the little kid side.
    An avid Odyssey fan and a follower of Christ

  • jared on October 22nd, 2010 - 2:39pm


    That’s what I heard superman, but maybe I should listen to it again. But I still think it wasn’t as interesting as most podcasts.

  • NIFANA on October 22nd, 2010 - 2:46pm


    I love Odyssey more than anything in the world! Ever since I finally got internet here in Africa, all I’ve been listening to is Adventures in Odyssey! Thanks odyssey, u rock!!!!

  • jared on October 22nd, 2010 - 5:50pm


    I completely agree that Stage Fright is better than Game for a Mystery. And priscilla, the same thing happened with my little brother! He got completly freaked out.He thought something spooky was going to happen. It is definatly not for just little kids.

  • ??? on October 22nd, 2010 - 7:52pm


    When is the next Q and A, because im really wondering if Benard Or Richard Maxwell will ever come back EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (PLEASE ANSWER) 🙂

  • Enina on October 24th, 2010 - 2:17pm


    i am a stage freak hu-hala ma, i like the episode stage fright. from the hugest, biggest, gigantist, largest Adventures in Odyessey and focus on the family radio theatre, Enina

  • satchfreak on October 29th, 2010 - 4:06pm


    I listened to it, and I didn’t think it was that great, really. JS ROCKS!( Joe Satriani ROCKS!)

  • Kimberly! on October 29th, 2010 - 4:18pm


    oh boy i think i would pass out if i went on stage!yikes!

  • lady eowyn on October 30th, 2010 - 12:57pm


    I’ve heard Stage Fright, and I think it’s pretty good. The newer Odyssey stuff is kind of boring, though, and the click book is so totally for little kids. And the worse thing about the new Odyssey adventures is that the only time God is mentioned is when Chris talks about him at the beginning and end of the adventure. That’s really disturbing to me. What is AIO coming to?

  • hi on October 30th, 2010 - 1:00pm


    What did that episode have to do with Jesus, where was the point to it except to entertain?

  • mimi on October 30th, 2010 - 8:13pm


    hey i luv all of your cds i listen to them almost every night

  • love on October 30th, 2010 - 8:16pm


    I listen to your cds every night i love the one about the AMERCAN FLAG SONG I IS FAVORITE

  • love on October 30th, 2010 - 8:17pm



  • mimi on October 30th, 2010 - 8:23pm


    Me and my friend love THAT’S NOT FAIR

  • mimi on October 30th, 2010 - 8:30pm


    I LOVE Coney, Whit, Mich who is in Budapest Bart,Ugene.

  • mimi on November 1st, 2010 - 7:35pm


    me my grandmal ,
    bri my mom love ya’ll

  • hart on November 1st, 2010 - 7:38pm


    love you <3

  • kat on November 2nd, 2010 - 7:42am


    i don’t like this at all

  • Vict on November 3rd, 2010 - 10:27am


    They should bring back Mitch he was a cool character.

  • Stevie on November 18th, 2010 - 11:10pm


    what does <3 mean?

  • Stevie on November 18th, 2010 - 11:12pm


    I agree with Eowyn! 😀

  • pRISCILLA#2 on December 1st, 2010 - 8:52pm


    To the other Priscilla: my sisters creeped out too they were SOOO excited! And they would think that your post was mine! Another Priscilla! By the way they should certianly bring Mitch back.

  • Stevie on December 8th, 2010 - 4:24pm


    Again what does <3 mean?

  • CAleb on January 18th, 2011 - 2:15pm


    I like the vikings commercial!!!!!! they say, “I am Eric the red” and the kid says, “The VIKINGS” see ya!

  • ISAAC on October 24th, 2012 - 4:09pm


    first commet

  • Rosebud on February 21st, 2013 - 10:41am



    Please tell me something, like posting what you tell me,
    can you tell me that you told everyone there that I said merry christmas when I asked you to? It is ok if you didnt. 🙂

    I hope you can understand what I just wrote. 🙂

  • somone on July 8th, 2013 - 8:40am



  • sam sparks on October 14th, 2013 - 6:16pm



  • ticklemepink on October 17th, 2013 - 12:31pm



  • Hello on October 27th, 2013 - 9:32am



  • sam sparks on November 7th, 2013 - 1:11pm


    Hello again!!!!!!!!

  • love on May 30th, 2014 - 7:02am


    I LOVE thiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GISELA on February 19th, 2016 - 1:24pm



  • violetta on February 23rd, 2016 - 3:42pm


    these books are really cool

  • violetta on February 23rd, 2016 - 3:42pm


    I’ve heard Stage Fright, and I think it’s pretty good. The newer Odyssey stuff is kind of boring, though, and the click book is so totally for little kids. And the worse thing about the new Odyssey adventures is that the only time God is mentioned is when Chris talks about him at the beginning and end of the adventure. That’s really disturbing to me. What is AIO coming to?

  • gisela on March 7th, 2016 - 12:11pm


    Book place 2 is here!

  • Julianna on March 7th, 2016 - 4:48pm


    Jesella, I’m here! I have been reading So Yesterday. It is a mystery book. What have you been reading?

  • 1of7 on March 8th, 2016 - 8:49am


    Hi! I’m here too! Just wondering, what books do you recommend for teenage fiction?

  • Gisela on March 8th, 2016 - 11:55am


    Julianna, well lately, I have been reading Nancy Drew, Melanie Dickerson’s novels (they are audio book too!!) and I will try to get Passages from the library. I might try the audio book Passages. They are from Odyssey.

  • Gisela on March 8th, 2016 - 12:05pm


    1of7: How old are you? I am 12.
    I recommend Melanie Dickerson’s medieval romance novels. They usually have a little mystery, and are based off fairy tales, but are for teens. They aren’t too romance like, and I am addicted to them. I just have to thank my mom for finding them. I am counting down the days until the next one is released in May.
    And, if you don’t want to read them, you can listen to them on audio book!! Every one is on audio book. Check your local library! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • gisela on March 10th, 2016 - 7:45am


    Should we advertise this place?

  • gisela on March 10th, 2016 - 7:46am


    I mean, everyone is still is going to go to the other book place.

  • Julianna on March 10th, 2016 - 2:19pm


    Jesella, Yes. You can say whoever can’t post on a post with more than a thousand comments, or just anyone can join. Does that sound good?

  • gisela on March 11th, 2016 - 7:31am


    Sounds good! I am glad I found a place with less than 100 comments!

  • gisela on March 11th, 2016 - 10:03am


    Julianna: I advertised this place about an hour ago!

  • 1of7 on March 11th, 2016 - 2:53pm


    My parents won’t let me give that kind of info over the internet, but I am a teenager.

  • gisela on March 11th, 2016 - 5:19pm


    1of7: Okay.

  • Gisela on March 14th, 2016 - 11:44am


    1of7: I said okay, but th comment never went thru. As did other comments of mine.

  • GISELA on March 21st, 2016 - 2:17pm


    Wow, we abandoned this place! I will advertise!

  • Julianna on March 21st, 2016 - 3:56pm


    Jesella, I think you meant a place with less than one thousand. Lol. That’s okay. So. Where have you been lately. I thought you were gone because what was it you said. Your grandma thinks that computers will not be good for your brain? Well, my brain is at a loss right now, lol. Sorry. Bad joke.

  • GISELA on March 22nd, 2016 - 11:30am


    Julianna: Oops…

  • GISELA on March 22nd, 2016 - 11:32am


    Julianna: Lol! It was a different Grandmother than the other one that is dying.

  • 1of7 on March 24th, 2016 - 9:18am


    My parents gave me the okay to tell you my age @Gisela! I’m 13 years old!

  • 1of7 on March 24th, 2016 - 9:21am


    Classics I’ve read:
    Oliver Twist
    A Christmas Carol
    A Little Princess
    Alice in Wonderland
    The Jungle Book
    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
    Little Women
    and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (highly recommended!)

  • GISELA on March 24th, 2016 - 9:35am


    Okay, you are a year older than me, 1of7.

  • GISELA on March 24th, 2016 - 9:36am


    Oh, I LOOVE Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm!! It’s great!

  • Basic Piper on March 24th, 2016 - 1:04pm


    Oooh bookies!! *inserthappydroolyface*

    I have read so many books it would be very difficult on these poor mods to list them ALL but I’ll recommend a few of my favorites:

    -To Kill a Mockingbird
    (I actually wasn’t expecting to enjoy it,but I was pleasantly surprised by how interesting it was.)
    -These Gentle Wounds
    -The Hunger Games Trilogy
    -Percy Jackson & the Olympians
    -The Heroes of Olympus
    -The Outsiders
    -Swipe(By a Christian author,highly recommend)
    -The Silent Boy

  • Julianna on March 24th, 2016 - 1:44pm


    I am 14. I love reading mysteries and classics, Jesella. I used to have a book club at my school.

  • GISELA on March 25th, 2016 - 10:57am


    Welcome, Basic Piper!

  • GISELA on March 25th, 2016 - 10:59am


    Here are books I like:
    -Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm
    -Nancy Drew mysteries
    -Melanie Dickerson’s Christian Novels
    -A few Hardy Boys (I haven’t read that many)

  • 1of7 on March 25th, 2016 - 11:02am


    I know, but I still want to be your friend!

  • GISELA on March 28th, 2016 - 8:55am


    1of7: It is okay you are 13! I have Lizlibrarian and Adventurer as posting friends and they are 15. 🙂

  • Basic Piper on March 28th, 2016 - 11:54am


    Has anyone read any of my books? 🙂

  • Basic Piper on March 28th, 2016 - 4:36pm


    I cannot remember if I posted a reply….I’m weird like that so I’mma gonna restate what I think I may have already said. ^-^

    Has anyone read any of the books I’ve listed? 🙂

  • Gisela on March 29th, 2016 - 8:44am


    Basic Piper,
    Actually, no, I have read a lot, but not those books
    I hope I didn’t make it sound like I didn’t want you as a posting buddy! It’s alright, everyone has their own age. 🙂

  • Basic Piper on March 29th, 2016 - 10:23am


    You should read them! They.Are.So.Good.

    Unbroken is a WWII biography about an Olympic runner who gets stranded in the middle of the ocean on a life raft.

    The Silent Boy is by the same author as The Giver and gives really good insight as to how people with mental disabilities were treated in the early 1900’s

    Swipe is set in the future in the time where everyone has to get a mark when they’re 13, kind of like it says in the Bible. It has underlying christian values and is an interesting book.

  • Gisela on March 29th, 2016 - 12:52pm


    Anyone read Shannon Hale or Melanie Dickerson? 🙂

  • Gisela on March 30th, 2016 - 6:57am


    Here are some books I read:
    Princess Academy by Shannon Hale (I wasn’t expecting to like it!)
    Princess Academy Palace of Stone by Shannon Hale
    Princess Academy The Forgotten Sisters by Shannon Hale
    The Merchant’s Daughter by Melanie Dickerson
    The captive Maiden by Melanie Dickerson
    Nancy Drew series by Carolyn Keene
    A few Hardy Boys by Franklin W. Dixson
    Boston Jane Series by Jennifer L. Holm
    And many, many more!!

    @ Basic Piper
    ARE You a girl or a boy?

  • Basic Piper on March 30th, 2016 - 9:12am


    Gisela~ I am of the feminine variety. ^-^ wbu?

  • Gisela on March 30th, 2016 - 9:59am


    Basic Piper:
    Hahaha. That is funny. I of the feminine variety as well. Hahahaha.

  • Gisela on March 30th, 2016 - 11:35am


    Can a mountain girl really become a princess?
    Miri and her family live a simple life until one day when a messenger arrives to their mountain with news from the king. A princess academy had been set up for eligible girls to try to become princess. Miri and her friends, Britta, Esa, Frid, Gerti and her rivals, Katar, Liana, and Bena travel to try to become princesses. What could be more exciting?
    When they arrive, nothing is as they hope. Their teacher is cruel and bandits overtake…

  • Gisela on March 30th, 2016 - 11:37am


    …the academy! What else could go wrong?
    This book is much better than its title!

  • Basic Piper on March 30th, 2016 - 11:44am


    Haha! We’re practically twins! ^-^

  • marie on March 31st, 2016 - 10:06am


    Hi!:) who started this club? Can I join?

  • Gisela on March 31st, 2016 - 3:15pm


    @ Marie,
    Of course you can join! I started it, because my computer can’t take all the comments on the other book talk place. So, yah. What books do you like?

  • 1of7 on April 1st, 2016 - 7:43am


    I recommend the Little House on the Prairie books.

  • Gisela on April 1st, 2016 - 9:17am


    Oh, we have one of those books, 1of7!
    Everyone, what is your favorite series?

  • Basic Piper on April 1st, 2016 - 12:49pm


    My favorite series is definitely the hunger games trilogy, I also like The Heroes of Olympus and The Giver Quartet.

    Has anyone read/heard of/likes Warrior cats?

  • Julianna on April 1st, 2016 - 3:24pm


    Jesella, I love the babysitters club series.

  • marie on April 2nd, 2016 - 8:42am


    100 comment? lol!:)

  • A Niny mouse on April 2nd, 2016 - 12:35pm


    For what age is the Princess Academy?

    p.s. Sorry for the weird way of putting that question, but ever since I heard Eugene say “For what are we waiting?” I do the same thing. So, I feel like I can never have a preposition at the end of a sentence for “Prepositions are nor words that I end sentences with.” LOL (or really) SALTS (Smiled A Little Then Stopped)

  • Gisela on April 4th, 2016 - 6:49am


    Do anyone of you read Adventures in Odyssey books? I only have read the Official AIO Guild. It’s awesome!

  • Gisela on April 4th, 2016 - 10:29am


    Niny Mouse:
    12 +

  • 1of7 on April 4th, 2016 - 12:49pm


    The Children of the Bard, Oracles of Fire, and the Dragons in our Midst series by Bryan Davis. I have to say all three ’cause they are connected:)

  • 1of7 on April 4th, 2016 - 2:19pm


    I’m also reading the ‘Passages’ series by Paul McCusker.

  • Gisela on April 4th, 2016 - 2:36pm


    @ Niny Mouse,
    It seems appropriate for 11 year olds too. On the back of the Princess Academy cover it says 12 + but reviews say 13 +. So yes. 🙂 I don’t know. How old are you?

  • Gisela on April 4th, 2016 - 2:38pm


    I saw Oracles of Fire at the library!! Maybe I can get it if still there. 🙂

  • A Niny mouse on April 4th, 2016 - 3:13pm


    I have read some of the AIO books in the past. I’ve never read the Official Guide, though.
    So, are the Princess Academy books more for tweens?

  • Gisela on April 4th, 2016 - 3:26pm


    How is Passages? I wish I could read them!

  • Marie on April 4th, 2016 - 4:36pm


    1of7, LOVE THOSE BOOKS!! I am also reading the Passeges series too!!

  • Gisela on April 5th, 2016 - 4:38pm


    Niny Mouse,
    I think teens would like them! I love the quarry speech- I recommend it! I like the second the best, though. 🙂 You know who sequels aren’t that great? I actually liked it more!
    For why are you asking? (haha, Eugene talk! Salts!)

  • A Niny mouse on April 7th, 2016 - 6:39pm


    I am asking because I didn’t want to buy something that I wouldn’t enjoy. Most tween books are really simple to me. (except Nancy Drew Mysteries… ND forever!) I usually see right through the plot. (But I also do that with a lot of teen books too)
    About the Eugene speech (or, rather, writing) SFAW (Smiled For A While)

  • Gisela on April 8th, 2016 - 9:39am


    Niny Mouse:
    I love Nancy Drew!!

  • Julianna on April 11th, 2016 - 3:49pm


    Aniny Mouse, I love Nancy Drew. I have read a lot of her books.

  • Gisela on April 12th, 2016 - 9:20am


    Me too! They are very interesting!

  • 1of7 on April 12th, 2016 - 3:37pm


    I totally recommend them! I will try Melanie Dickerson’s books, @Marie said they were fantastic!

  • Gisela on April 12th, 2016 - 4:48pm


    She read THAT fast? Okay, well, enjoy!!

  • marie on April 16th, 2016 - 9:46am


    I’m writing a story about 2 teens that are not normal. The girl Liberty she has super speed and Kai he has super strength.
    I’m still working on it though.

  • 1of7 on April 16th, 2016 - 10:12am


    We read a lot!

  • Gisela on April 18th, 2016 - 9:22am


    I finished one of Melanie Dickerson’s books in two days! (One Saturday and the Sunday after that)!

  • 1of7 on April 21st, 2016 - 8:41am


    That’s really great @Gisela!

  • Gisela on April 21st, 2016 - 1:38pm


    Yah, I read real fast too! 🙂

  • 1of7 on April 25th, 2016 - 12:38pm


    I just finished reading, ‘The Fairest Beauty’. It was good!

  • GISELA on April 26th, 2016 - 9:49am


    I’ll admit, Fairest Beauty wasn’t my favorite, but it was really good! I liked “The Captive Maiden”. (Gisela was the main character.)

  • Rey on May 10th, 2016 - 11:49am


    My favorite books are The Epic Order of the Seven by Jenny L. Cote. Be back later I have to go!

  • Gisela on May 11th, 2016 - 1:12pm


    My friend has told me about those. What are they about?

  • leia on May 11th, 2016 - 2:50pm


    Hi 😉

  • Gisela on May 11th, 2016 - 3:39pm


    Hi, Leia!!

  • Julianna on May 12th, 2016 - 3:54pm


    I’m bored. Lol. Reading Romeo and Juliet in our English class.

  • Gisela on May 13th, 2016 - 10:03am


    Oh! Shakespeare! Edwin Blackgaard would approve!!

  • Julianna on May 21st, 2016 - 12:47pm


    Jesella, I know. Imagine being a part in a play performed by Edwin. I like his character. I like Shakespeare too.

  • Gisela on May 24th, 2016 - 8:33am


    Julianna, he’s so funny! Edwin always makes me laugh. Did you listen to episode where he is competing against Malcomb Mere? (I don’t know how to spell that). Bart Rathbone wants to endorse his shop and Malcomb volenteers to help.

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