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A Time for Adventures in Odyssey

July 18th, 2010

As we begin 2012, it’s a good time to look back at 2011 and revisit events of the past year. Go back in time with the Adventures in Odyssey Timeline, filled with almost 25 years of wonder, excitement, and discovery. What events will be added to the calendar in 2012? Stay tuned to the Official Adventures in Odyssey podcast to find out!

Start with reviewing the events of 2011.

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75 Comments on “A Time for Adventures in Odyssey”

  • AIO FAN! on July 18th, 2010 - 3:37pm


    Yea! I’m the first to comment! Well, the timeline was really great!

  • Alaine on July 18th, 2010 - 5:55pm


    I just went through the whole time line and it was awesome.

  • Joshua s on July 18th, 2010 - 8:01pm


    Hi um i Love the story line but This is hard for me to say but if u did not know paul the old Whit that we love has gone to join Hal and Jesus the king

  • Abbie on July 19th, 2010 - 9:32am


    This wuz really cool! Thanks!

  • Sarah on July 19th, 2010 - 2:27pm


    Cool timeline. When will album 52 come out? I can’t tell you how much i would appreciate if you told me! Ha I would go around and tell my whole family how you answsered me and tell my friends. And that would be a little strante for me cause I’m 15 and still love AIO! 🙂 Anyways I do hope album 52 will be an improvment to ablum 51. I didn’t think 51 was up to your normal standards. I guess my problem with it was your lessons were not very deep. For an example, in A New Era you dealt with abortion

  • Sarah on July 19th, 2010 - 2:29pm


    and knowing God’s will. In Life in Third Person you dealt with divorce. In Something Significant you talked about how even the small things for God can be really important. All these impacted me.(and these are just 3 examples of the many!Plus this is just one album) Someting Significant made me really want to serve God even if it means doing small things. But nothing in album 51 inspired me which is sad because you had an episode on inspiration. (but i did really like the part with the kids

  • Sarah on July 19th, 2010 - 2:34pm


    telling how much they love Connie) And the Jubilee Singers was very interesting. But I felt that the new kids were disrespectful to their parents especially in the Jones family. And that they kind of ran all over the parents. This is harsh I know. And I’m sorry. I really do hope the upcoming albums will be better because I truly do love y’all so much. My family owns all the albums and all of your books (excluding kidsboro) God bless you.Sorry this is so long. thank you for taking time to readit

  • miss america on July 19th, 2010 - 3:01pm


    I looked at this a long time ago.

  • Joshua s on July 19th, 2010 - 4:38pm



  • Stevie on July 19th, 2010 - 5:39pm


    I loved the timeline, though I knew most of it. Sweet!!!

  • Tim B on July 19th, 2010 - 9:46pm


    Jacob Isom of the Odyssey Scoop is always dishing out new stuff. I highly recommend his website to anyone.

  • jazmyne on July 20th, 2010 - 12:56am


    thats nice! did i tell you that my friends and i are leaving to colorado springs tomorrow and we will be going to whits end.i cant wait!the reason were comming is because there is this huge church get together and churches all over the state will be there. you should come if you can anyways thanks for every thing you guys are great.

  • Noah on July 20th, 2010 - 6:25am


    I like this a lot… Very well done.

  • Sarah on July 20th, 2010 - 8:30am


    this is awesome!

  • jacob on July 20th, 2010 - 11:05am


    I love Adventures in odyssey

  • Anonymous on July 20th, 2010 - 1:05pm


    iwas wondering if connie will ever get married. She and jason would make a great couple and whit a great grandpa.

  • ehcapa girl on July 20th, 2010 - 2:09pm


    that was awesome!!!!!!!!

  • isabel on July 20th, 2010 - 3:59pm


    Paul Herlinger did I spell that right? Was the BEST Whit of all of them to bad he died 🙁

  • gena on July 20th, 2010 - 4:35pm


    we love the web casts & the kids are HUGE fans we have several of the CD’s for road trips but I am no longer able to just click and listen ahead of time to the show on line. What changed?

  • Jesse on July 20th, 2010 - 6:51pm


    Cool time line. Can’t wait for the next album to come out. OH, when are y’all gonna do the 100th (woohoo) podcast? I’m so excited!!!! I hope it’s great!

  • mat on July 21st, 2010 - 2:25pm


    i like this

  • Sarah on July 21st, 2010 - 4:47pm


    i agree with anonymous.

  • Courtney on July 21st, 2010 - 6:03pm


    I would have to agree with Sarah.
    This album didn’t have much of lessons based on Christ or on biblical standards.We also weren’t to impressed on the new Whit. I hope I haven’t offened you,you said you were looking for ideas so I told you.

  • M&C m on July 21st, 2010 - 8:26pm


    I Wish They Would Bring Mitch Back Even Though Connie And Jason Would Be Nice

  • Candace on July 22nd, 2010 - 12:59pm


    Sometimes the episodes give me the creeps,so I turn the volume down a lot,like No way out and the Mysterious Stranger.

  • ODYSSEYFAN1 on July 22nd, 2010 - 1:45pm


    The Odyssey Times is a great site.

  • ODYSSEYFAN1 on July 22nd, 2010 - 1:46pm


    I meant Scoop. sorry

  • Joshua on July 23rd, 2010 - 9:35am


    I have to agree with Sarah, and Courtney. After hearing album 51 there wasn’t much lessons I learned. In your old Albums even the fun episodes had some lesson you could learn, but what I am afraid of is that AIO is becoming more of a drama for the world, not for Christians. I hope Album 52 has more lessons that we can use in growing closer to Christ. I think that the writer should pray over every script seeing if God would be glorified though that episode.writer sould pray over every epiode.

  • hannah d on July 23rd, 2010 - 11:25am


    this is amazing but sometimes when i clicked on the years it said i couldnt

  • Luv Oddesey on July 23rd, 2010 - 1:46pm


    Please please please PLEEEEEEASE bring Mitch back, he is soooooo awesome!! can you please make a return of Novacom saga or something?

  • Luv odyssey on July 23rd, 2010 - 1:48pm


    oops!! I spelled odyssey wrong. ODYSSEY

  • elijah on July 24th, 2010 - 6:54am


    I think Connie should marry Mitch if at all possible.

  • Anonymous on July 24th, 2010 - 3:48pm


    Mitch and Connie would be soooo much better than Jason and Connie! -What is up with having THEM two together? That would just be really really weird.

    I agree with Sarah about Album 51!-(A Huge DISSAPOINTER to me.) 🙁

  • Jason W. on July 24th, 2010 - 4:19pm


    I agree with Sarah and Courtney that the new album was not as Bible-based as the older albums were. I would like to hear the characters bringing their problems to the Bible more and seeing what it has to say about it their problems.

    Also when are you going to show more of the videos from the Act Like Odyssey contest?

  • Hannah on July 25th, 2010 - 5:41pm


    On the time line on the oldest year it had a clip from the episode House Guest. I’ve never heard that tape before. Does anyone know what it is from or how to hear it? I tried finding it in the Odyssey vault but it wasn’t there.

  • Josh on July 26th, 2010 - 10:46am


    I don’t think they’re going to bring Mitch back (sigh). However, I looked at the timeline and it is really cool! I can’t wait for albums 52 & 53 to come out!

  • luke on July 26th, 2010 - 1:15pm


    I think it would be a great idea to create Red as someone who is like Bernard Walton. Even though in the episode “Clutter” he said he was retired.

  • Kaitie L. on July 26th, 2010 - 6:33pm


    I Wanted to see Eugue And Kritrena Get Marrige!!! I Looked Up It And I found For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll,1 2 3!!!! I Want It So Bad!!!! I Love Adnenters In Odssey!!!

  • kk on July 26th, 2010 - 10:00pm


    I thought this timeline was great! It was creative, interactive, informative and to the point. I didn’t realize that AIO had such a colorful history! (By the way, I loved Focus on the Family Radio Theatre’s “A Christmas Carol”) And I would also like to encourage Andre Stojka to keep up the good work. Starring as the 3rd Whit must be hard, but I hope you continue to become more familiar with the part and approach it with confidence.

  • Stevie on July 30th, 2010 - 8:40pm


    Kaittie L. a warning before you buy that album. It is about Eugene and Katrina getting to know each other more, Jack and Joanne get married in that one. Eugene’s marrigae is told about in one of the Novacom series. there isn’t an adventure about it. Sorry. You might what to look again, i don’t get why it would tell you that. Hmm?

  • lecrae fan on August 1st, 2010 - 2:51pm


    Connie ought to get married either to Mitch or to someone else.

  • horseluver on August 3rd, 2010 - 7:45pm


    third comment whos hal?

  • katie on August 4th, 2010 - 12:54pm


    Connie should get married to MITCH they were perfect together .

  • Kelsey on August 4th, 2010 - 2:09pm


    Hal, is Hal Smith the first person who played Whit

  • evie on August 4th, 2010 - 4:50pm


    HORSELUVER im a big fan of horses too i barrel race i rank myself fast im 12 i dont have a horse of my although i pray harder every day for one but anyway the horse i use is fast hes half arabian and pinto and he has some welsh pony, quarter horse, and tennesee walker. Hes so beautiful and likes me alot too, he minds me well and walks up to me when hes sees me I love him. his name is mckenzie so pretty.
    P.S. i play hockey, softball, and basketball too.
    love the timeline remember the old ones.

  • Candace on August 5th, 2010 - 9:13am


    What would have happened if Novaom would rule the world.

  • sumbody on August 5th, 2010 - 12:06pm


    Howdy yall’ wassup everbody? i just wawnted to let yall know i love AIO. Yall’ er so great.

  • Tim on August 7th, 2010 - 2:39pm


    I agree with Sarah, Courtney, and Joshua(I have a nephew named Joshua:-)) Album fifty one was a disapointment. PLEASE make it up in album 52!

  • Brookie on August 10th, 2010 - 9:48am


    Hey guys whats up?
    i LOVE Adventures In Odyssey! 😀

  • lauryn on August 11th, 2010 - 7:22pm


    um… I do not agree with Sarah or Anonymous hey you guys Whit is already a grandpa do you remember Jenny and Monty they are Whits grandchildren.

  • micheal on August 15th, 2010 - 6:36pm



  • Anonymous on August 16th, 2010 - 6:06pm


    I really don’t like the new pictures of Connie, Eugene, Whit, and Wooton. None of the characters look right anymore. I really wish you would change the characters back to the way they looked before.

  • Zoe on August 17th, 2010 - 5:24pm


    I loved today’s adventure; I’ve often had that very feeling about my own two brothers.

  • anonymous on August 17th, 2010 - 6:33pm


    I love Adventures odyssey I listen to is all the time…Jubliee singers are my favorit one….

  • NATHAN on August 18th, 2010 - 6:04pm


    I’m a big fan of AIO, it’s so cool, but album 51 was not so cool. I agree with Sarah, Tim, Courteny Joshua,& Jason W. Album 51 just didn’t show me a lesson. Oh and Sarah, album 52 comes out October, 2010.

  • Stevie on August 19th, 2010 - 9:01am


    Hey one of the lost episodes says that Whit has a sister, what? Is that true?

  • kate on August 20th, 2010 - 4:40pm


    is it true? I’v never heard of that is it true does whit have a sister ? that would be really cool if he really does they should make an episode with her in it that is if she’s still alive.

  • kate on August 20th, 2010 - 4:46pm


    I love you guys but I think you should make more episodes on the bible thank you so much for taking time to read this 🙂

  • Stevie on August 20th, 2010 - 7:13pm


    The episode was the one where the kid wishes his brother would disappear and Whit told him a story about a boy wishing his sister would diappear so she ran away. Remember? At the end the boy asked, “It was about you wasn’t it Mr. Whitaker” and Whit replied, “I guess it’s obvious” I don’t remember it ever saying that he had any siblings, i’m right aren’t I? Give me an episode were it does. Please tell me if I’m wrong. Please correct me if i’m not thanks a lot
    God Bless

  • evie on August 21st, 2010 - 9:44am


    I love your drawl. Im a country person too a cowboy i call myself i barrell race and trailride i dont like troting but i love the tennessee walker because of the fox trot i love arabians there my favorit i love their dished face.

  • Kora on August 25th, 2010 - 1:51pm


    I was just wondering where you guys get your inspiration.

  • amy on September 14th, 2010 - 9:21pm


    I LOVE Adventures In Odyssey! 🙂 How many fans do you think you have?? 🙂

  • christian on October 8th, 2010 - 11:58am


    How many fans to we have i think 10,000 please post

  • Brandon on January 19th, 2011 - 10:21pm


    I love Adventures in Odyssey. I think my favorite one’s were the one’s about Novacom

  • bob on January 23rd, 2011 - 12:17pm


    i love adventures in odyssey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    @flyingrider a……………well, then it will get all mixed up. So that way all the club spots ore right here for you to choose from!

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  • naomi 98 on November 18th, 2013 - 10:44am


    You found it! Wasn’t that poem nonsensical? LoL
    It was made up on the spur of the moment so it sacrificed sense for speed.
    I’m gonna take a break for today. If you’ve come this far, let me know!
    ~Naomi 98

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